Become a next-generation engineer with the skills to decode and apply insight into the analytics used by today’s top companies. The business world has learned that using “big data” offers a significant competitive advantage. So engineers with these skills are in greater demand than ever before.

Our students discover the principles of:

  • model formulation
  • system dynamics
  • solution methodologies
  • fact analysis
  • and optimal decision making

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Advanced analytics focuses on systems that need human decision-making through mathematical and computer models. Our students and faculty are pushing the boundaries of:

  • linear and nonlinear programming
  • discrete optimization
  • data analysis
  • knowledge extraction
  • intelligent systems
  • fuzzy decision-making
  • and soft computing

We also solve tomorrow’s problems today using applied probability, stochastic modeling, queuing theory, and fluid approximations.

Systems Analytics and Optimization Facilities

The ISE Blockchain Lab is a research group at NC State University focusing on blockchain and simulation, blockchain for IoT and supply chain, blockchain for big data and AI, and its underlying technologies.

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Systems Analytics and Optimization Faculty

Shu-Cherng Fang

University Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor


Xiaolei Fang

Assistant Professor


Yahya Fathi

Professor and Director of the Graduate Program


Leila Hajibabai

Assistant Professor


Julie Ivy



Michael Kay

Associate Professor


Russell King

Foscue Distinguished Professor


Yunan Liu

Associate Professor


Maria Mayorga

Professor of Personalized Medicine


Brandon McConnell

Assistant Research Professor


Osman Ozaltin

Associate Professor of Personalized Medicine


Sara Shashaani

Assistant Professor


Julie Swann

Department Head


Javad Taheri

Associate Research Professor


Hong Wan

Associate Professor


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