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We strive to provide you, our students, with quality and timely advising and help with your career awareness, academic success and personal enrichment. To make sure that your advising meetings go as smoothly as possible, let’s make sure that you are in the right place.

ISE PRO TIP: If you are any of the following, you will meet with a College of Engineering Academic advisor instead of an ISE advisor.

  • A freshman that has “undesignated” as their major
  • A student who wants to switch to ISE

The Advising Process

As an NC State student, you must be advised before you can register for classes. Each semester, you will receive an email from our advising team with the information and links you need to sign up for an advising appointment. ISE PRO TIP: You are encouraged to have your advising appointment at least one week before your scheduled course registration period because it can take up to three business days to lift your registration hold.

Select your Advising Method

To prepare you for your class registration and get your academic hold removed from your account, we offer you four ways to get advising: peer advisors, assigned advisors, group advising sessions and open advising hours. the first step is to set up your advising appointment. To make this step as easy as possible, you can choose one of four advising methods, whichever one suits you best.