We offer a range of industrial engineering, operations research, and integrated manufacturing systems engineering degrees:

We prepare our students for employment in industry, service, consulting and government organizations. They are also ready for advanced study at leading engineering, business, and management universities. Our mission is to educate students in a broad range of areas that include:

  • Engineering design
  • Physical and engineering science
  • Mathematics
  • Analytical problem solving
  • And effective oral and written communication

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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (BSIE)

Industrial engineering differs from other branches of engineering in two ways. First, it applies to all types of industrial, commercial and government activities. Second, it is the only branch that concerns itself with both people and things. Industrial engineers are prime sources for management talent. They make decisions on the best way to use people, material, equipment and energy. To do this, an industrial engineer collects and analyzes information to meet management’s needs.

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Accelerated Bachelor/Master (ABM)

The ABM program allows you to get both a bachelor and masters degree at an accelerated pace. You can double count up to 12 credits and get a non-thesis MIE degree within 12 months of getting your BSIE. Within 18 months, you can get the thesis-based MSIE degree.

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Master of Industrial Engineering (MIE)

The MIE is a professional degree that will prepare you to excel in a career in industry, government or consulting. It is a terminal or degree perfect for self-supported, military, part-time and co-op students. Thus, it is not normal for MIE students to receive assistantship awards.

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Master of Industrial Engineering Online (MIE-DE)

The Engineering Online Program at NC State is designed for working professionals, allowing you to earn a master’s degree in engineering without coming to campus. Industrial engineering courses offered by Engineering Online are identical to on-campus courses in terms of content, requirements and academic rigor. They are taught by the same thought leaders who teach in our resident education degree programs.

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Master of Industrial Engineering / Master of Business Administration (MIE-MBA)

Are you up for the challenge? The MIE-MBA program allows you to get both the Master of Industrial Engineering and Master of Business Administration degrees. During the first year, you will focus primarily on completing your core MBA courses. During the second year, you will work on completing your core MIE courses.

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Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE)

The MSIE prepares you for success as a researcher working for consulting firms, industrial organizations or the government. It is a research-oriented degree and is a prerequisite for entry into our Ph.D. program. Students pursuing this degree receive priority consideration for assistantship awards.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering is pursued by outstanding students like you who have an intense interest in independent study and research. It requires advanced coursework and research beyond the master’s degree, a written and oral comprehensive preliminary examination, a written dissertation, and a final oral defense of the research.

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Operations Research

Master of Operations Research (MOR)

The Master of Operations Research (MOR) is designed to prepare students for careers as OR practitioners in either the private or the public sector. The MOR degree requires completion of 31 credit hours in OR and OR-related courses.

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Master of Science in Operations Research (MSOR)

The Master of Science in Operations Research (MSc) is designed to prepare students for careers as research and development engineers in industry, or for matriculation into Ph.D. programs in Operations Research. The MSOR degree requires a minimum of 31 credit hours and completion of a thesis.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Operations Research (Ph.D.)

The Doctor of Philosophy in Operations Research (Ph.D.) is intended for students with outstanding abilities and strong research interests and is designed to prepare them for careers as research scientists in government, industry or academia. To obtain this degree the student must complete a minimum of 72 credit hours (54 credit hours if the student already has a master’s degree from another institution), successfully complete a written qualifying exam and an oral preliminary exam, write a dissertation, and successfully defend the dissertation. The written qualifying examination is conducted once a year by a committee of OR faculty members appointed by the director(s) of the OR program. Both the preliminary oral exam and the final defense are conducted for each student separately by the student’s Academic Advisory Committee.

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Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Master of Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MIMSE)

The goal of both options is to provide the academic background to understand and implement modern manufacturing technology and computer automated systems. The academic program is multidisciplinary consisting of courses offered by the participating departments.

A flexible program format permits students to design a plan of study to meet specific needs and interests. The classical major/minor structure of a master’s degree program is replaced by a broad-based core requirement, electives in specific concentration areas, and a research project/paper which complements the concentration.

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Master of Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering Online (MIMSE-DE)

The Master of Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering degree provides multidisciplinary engineering education for students with traditional undergraduate disciplinary backgrounds. Requires 33 credit hours. No thesis required. GRE scores are required but may be waived for online students.

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