Master in Industrial Engineering (MIE)

The MIE is a professional degree that will prepare you to excel in a career in industry, government or consulting. It is a terminal degree perfect for self-supported, military, part-time and co-op students. Thus, it is not normal for MIE students to receive assistantship awards.

There is no final oral examination or thesis research required for the MIE degree. Project work (up to six credit hours) is optional so you can get this degree with course work only.

General Requirements

  • A minimum of 33 credit hours is required, of which at least 21 hours must be in Industrial Engineering
  • At least 27 hours of the 33 must be at the 500 level or above
  • At least one (1) 700 or 800 level ISE course must be included in the Plan of Graduate Work
  • Project work for the degree is optional; up to six (6) hours of credit for ISE 677 may be allowed toward the degree
  • As a breadth requirement, you must elect one (1) course from four of the five breadth requirement groups in ISE plus one (1) course from Computer Science, Mathematics, or Statistics, for a total of 15 credit hours
  • No more than six (6) hours of 400-level coursework are permitted on the Plan of Graduate Work from outside the ISE Department
  • There is no minor. But, you may elect a “concentration” from another department.

Breadth Requirement (15 hours)

This requirement is met by selecting:

  • One (1) course from four (4) of the following groups in the Breadth Requirement Course Listing (12 credit hours):
    • Economic Analytics and Decision Making
    • Human Factors and Ergonomics
    • Manufacturing Systems
    • Supply Chain
    • Systems Analytics and Optimization
  • One course from group F (Computer Science, Mathematics or Statistics) in the Breadth Requirement Course Listing

Note: For students with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering, these breadth requirements should be discussed with the Director of Graduate Programs.


Project Work

As stated above, project work is optional. Proposals for project work should be completed using the ISE Graduate Student Project/Study Contract. All work must be reviewed and approved by your degree advisor.

It is recommended that all project work should be documented in a formal report with properly listed references, abstract, etc. Such efforts should represent scholarly work above and beyond that done for other purposes, such as course term papers. You must register for ISE 677 in order to get course credit toward the degree for project work.


MIE Degree Checklist

You should complete the following checklist. In your final semester, notify the Graduate School that you are eligible to graduate. This must be done no later than four weeks before the last day of classes. To receive a diploma at graduation, you must apply through MyPack Portal.

Download the MIE Degree Checklist
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