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Current Ph.D. Students

Our Ph.D. students and our research are changing the world of advanced manufacturing, operations, and service sectors. We are pushing the boundaries of 3-D printing, regenerative medicine, and health systems engineering. Our graduate program produces students who excel in both industry and academia. They are innovators, educators, and even Nobel Peace Prize recipients.

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Student NameArea of ConcentrationExpected GraduationOn the Job Market
Ahmed, NafiAdvanced Manufacturing2025 | Spring
Alizadeh, NasrinSystems Analytics and Optimization2024 | Spring
Arabi, Seyedeh MohadeseSystems Analytics and Optimization2025 | Spring
Asif, SulemanAdvanced Manufacturing2022 | Spring
Balan, SrinivasanSystems Analytics and Optimization2022 | SummerYes
Bharadwaj, AkshayAdvanced Manufacturing2022 | Spring
Cabarcas Romero, MariaSystems Analytics and Optimization
Supply Chain and Logistics
2026 | Spring
Chen, Chi YiSystems Analytics and Optimization2022 | Spring
Chen, KenHuman-Systems Engineering2022 | Spring
Choo, SanghyunHuman-Systems Engineering2022 | Spring
Cirino, PaulTBD2024 | Spring
Dorris, DanikaHealth Systems Engineering2024 | Fall
Essus, Yamil AndresTBD2026 | Spring
Gbadamosi-Adeniyi, Temilola Advanced Manufacturing2025
Gupta, Sudhir TBD2025 | Spring
Ha, YunsooSystems Analytics and Optimization2022 | Spring
Hasnain, TanzidSystems Analytics and Optimization2022 | Spring
Hijazi, AmiraSystems Analytics and Optimization2022 | Spring
Ho, Yi-MoAdvanced Manufacturing2021 | Fall
Hou, Pei-YuTBD2021 | Fall
Huang, JialiTBD2022 | Spring
Jain, PranavSystems Analytics and Optimization2024 | Spring
Jeon, YongseokSystems Analytics and OptimizationTBD
Jung, SeheeSystems Analytics and Optimization2025 | Spring
Kbah, ZaidTBDTBD
Kim, Kyoung MinSystems Analytics and OptimizationTBD
Konala, SatyaAdvanced Manufacturing2024 | Spring
Konrad, KurtisSystems Analytics and Optimization2023 | Spring
Koprov, Pavel
Advanced Manufacturing2024 | Spring
Koutouan, PriscilleHealth Systems Engineering2023 | Fall
Kumar, AmanAdvanced Manufacturing2023 | FallYes
Leca, CarlosSupply Chain and Logistics2021 | Fall
Li, KejunSystems Analytics and Optimization2021 | Fall
Li, Yunqing "Connie"Advanced Manufacturing2023 | Spring
Li, RuotingHealth Systems Engineering2023 | Spring
Li, XinSystems Analytics and Optimization2022 | Spring
Lin, FengmingSystems Analytics and Optimization2022 | Spring
Lu, LuHuman-Systems Engineering2024 | Fall
Maftuhah, DiestaTBD2026
McClung, WilliamAdvanced Manufacturing2024 | Spring
McGirt, AlexanderTBDTBD
Mira, MohammedHealth Systems EngineeringTBD
Mohammadi, MinaSystems Analytics and Optimization2023 | Spring
Nadim, Abdullah AlTBD2026 | Fall
Pawar, AdvayAdvanced Manufacturing2023 | Fall
Perera, GimanthaHealth Systems Engineering
Systems Analytics and Optimization
2023 | Spring
Ren, PingAdvanced Manufacturing2022 | Spring
Rodriguez, Sebastian Systems Analytics and Optimization2024 | Fall
Rus, Annisa MarlinHealth Systems EngineeringTBD
Sadeghi, Amir HosseinSystems Analytics and Optimization
Supply Chain and Logistics
2026 | Spring
Sahebi Fakhrabad, AmirrezaSystems Analytics and Optimization2022 | Spring
Salami, MehrSadetSystems Analytics and Optimization2025
Sanders, NathanHuman-Systems Engineering2023 | Spring
Sarangi, Bibhuti Advanced Manufacturing
Systems Analytics and Optimization
Sepulveda, IgnacioSystems Analytics and Optimization
Supply Chain and Logistics
2025 | Spring
Sharmin, TavilaAdvanced Manufacturing2023
Shohan, ShohanuzzamanAdvanced Manufacturing2022 | FallYes
Siddiquee, RashikSystems Analytics and Optimization
Supply Chain and Logistics
2026 | Spring
Su, BingyiHuman-Systems Engineering2026
Tang, Zhoujun

Systems Analytics and Optimization2025 | Spring
Traylor, ZacharyHuman-Systems Engineering2025 | SpringYes
Vahdat, KimiaSystems Analytics and Optimization2023 | Spring
Wang, HanwenHuman-Systems Engineering2023 | SpringYes
Wang, YiAdvanced Manufacturing2021 | Fall
Wilson, JackSystems Analytics and Optimization
Advanced Manufacturing
Wu, LinfengHuman-Systems Engineering2023 | Spring
Xie, ZiyangHuman-Systems Engineering2022 | SpringYes
Xu, XinyuSystems Analytics and OptimizationTBD
Yalvac, EkinSupply Chain and Logistics2024 | Fall
Zhou, ChengyuSystems Analytics and Optimization2023 | SpringYes
Zoha, Naurin Supply Chain and Logistics
Systems Analytics and Optimization
2025 | Fall