Our Ph.D. students and our research are changing the world of advanced manufacturing, operations, and the service sectors. We are pushing the boundaries of 3-D printing, regenerative medicine, and health systems engineering. Our graduate program produces students who excel in both industry and academia. They are innovators, educators, and even Nobel Peace Prize recipients.

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Student NameArea of ConcentrationExpected Graduation Year
Abu-El-Haija, LenaSystems Analysis and Optimization2018 | Spring
Alharbi, AbdullahProduction Systems2017 | Fall
An, QiProduction Systems2019 | Spring
Ashbaugh, BradleyProduction SystemsTBD
Asvadi, SamanLogistics2020 | Spring
Baghdadi, MajedSystems Analysis and Optimization2017 | Summer
Baik, SeungwonTBD2021 | Spring
Bansal, AnkitProduction Systems2019 | Spring
Basinger, KatieBiomedical Manufacturing2017 | Fall
Cai, YiHealth Systems Engineering2017 | Fall
Cao, YangAdvanced Manufacturing2020 | Spring
Chavoshi, SaeedSystems Analysis and Optimization2020 | Spring
Chen, Chi YiSystems Analysis and Optimization2019 | Spring
Chen, KenHuman-Systems Engineering2022 | Spring
Chen, Yu-Ting
Deng, JiaAdvanced Manufacturing2017 | Fall
Deng, YulinHuman-Systems Engineering2020 | Spring
Desoky, MohamedProduction Systems / Finance2017 | Fall
El Gaaly, AshrafHealth Systems Engineering2018 | Spring
Gopalswamy, KarthickProduction Systems2019 | Fall
Gu, HengfengAdvanced Manufacturing2018 | Fall
Han, YiweiAdvanced Manufacturing2020 | Fall
Harms, KimberlyProduction Systems2017 | Fall
Hasan, MuhmudAdvanced Manufacturing2021 | Spring
Hasnain, TanzidSystems Analysis and Optimization2022 | Spring
Hassani Goodarzi, ShadiHealth Systems Engineering2017 | Summer
Ho, Yi-MoTBD2021 | Spring
Hou, Pei-YuTBD2021 | Spring
Huang, JialiTBD2022 | Spring
Huebner, PedroBiomedical Manufacturing2017 | Summer
Islam, Md HafizulSystems Analysis and Optimization2018 | Spring
Jiang, ShanSystems Analysis and Optimization2020 | Spring
Jin, YayunSystems Analysis and Optimization2020 | Spring
Karmakar, NabarunaSystems Analysis and Optimization2018 | Spring
Keough, CarterAdvanced Manufacturing2022 | Spring
Khorramfar, RahmanSystems Analysis and Optimization2022 | Spring
Kim, DongwooTBD2020 | Spring
Kim, Na YoungHuman-Systems Engineering2020 | Spring
Kong, XiangchengAdvanced Manufacturing2018 | Spring
Kumar, ArunBiomedical Manufacturing2017 | Fall
Latif, HasanBiomedical Manufacturing2019 | Spring
Lau, Mei YingHuman-Systems Engineering2019 | Spring
Li, KejunTBD2021 | Fall
Li, LiHuman-Systems Engineering2022 | Spring
Lin, Yu LiangSystems Analysis and Optimization2019 | Spring
Meshkinfam, SarehSystems Analysis and Optimization2019 | Spring
Nambiar, SiddharthaHealth Systems Engineering2020 | Spring
Narayanan, LokeshBiomedical Manufacturing2018 | Fall
Nataraj, NishaHealth Systems Engineering2017 | Fall
Orejel, JuanSystems Analysis and Optimization2020 | Spring
Pahwa, DeepakProduction Systems2020 | Fall
Paret, KyleSystems Analysis and Optimization2019 | Spring
Pratikto, FransiscusSystems Analysis and Optimization2019 | Spring
Saffari, SaeedSystems Analysis and Optimization2019 | Spring
Sahebi FakhFakhrabad, AmirrezaSystems Analysis and Optimization2022 | Spring
Smith, KathrynHealth Systems Engineering2019 | Spring
Swan, BreannaHealth Systems Engineering2020 | Spring
Taghiyeh, SajjadSystems Analysis and Optimization2020 | Spring
Tarafder, PrithwishAdvanced Manufacturing2021 | Spring
Tohidi, AbdolhosseinTBD2020 | Spring
Townsley, RachelHealth Systems Engineering2017 | Fall
Tripathy, ManishSystems Analysis and Optimization2021 | Fall
Vasheghani Farahani, ImanSystems Analysis and Optimization2018 | Spring
Velasquez Diaz, GermanLogistics2019 | Spring
Wang, YiAdvanced Manufacturing2021 | Fall
Webster, CarolineAdvanced Manufacturing2017 | Fall
White, MelissaHuman-Systems Engineering2017 | Fall
Wittenberg, EllenHuman-Systems Engineering2020 | Spring
Wu, ShuohaoSystems Analysis and Optimization2017 | Fall
Zhang, Jian-LeiBiomedical Manufacturing2017 | Spring
Zhang, JunlongSystems Analysis and Optimization2018 | Spring
Zhang, LingSystems Analysis and Optimization2019 | Spring
Zhang, WenjuanHuman Systems Engineering2017 | Fall