Kejun Li

Advisors: Dr. Hong Wan, Dr. Yunan Liu


Kejun Li is a Ph.D. student studying System Analytics and Optimization in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department.

Research Interests

Kejun’s research focuses on Bitcoin and Blockchain via operations research methodologies. One of the projects investigates the dynamics of repeated Bitcoin mining games. Given the limited monetary budget and mining power capacity, the work considers dynamic interactions among miners and explore Nash-equilibrium for the network. Under fluid and mean-field approximations, the team solves for the fluid mean-field equilibrium (FMFE) and obtain the FMFE-based individual mining strategy. In another project, Kejun builds a Monte-Carlo simulation model to study the miners’ and mining pool managers’ decisions in the Bitcoin blockchain network. The simulation model aims to capture the dynamics and participants of these two different layers and how their decisions collectively affect the behavior of the system.



Expected GraduationFall | 2021
MSISEMaster of Engineering in Industrial and Systems EngineeringLehigh University2014
BEIEBachelor of Engineering in Industrial EngineeringTongji University2010
Kejun Li