inGear Magazine has evolved since its start in the spring of 2007. We encourage you to revisit the major achievements of the department over the years.

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Fall/Winter 2019 inGear MagazineFall/Winter 2019 inGear Magazine
  • From: Donors, To: Babies
  • Students Meet Their Grand Challenges
  • Challenge Met
  • 5 Reasons to Get a Graduate Degree in ISE
  • ISE in the Pros
Spring/Summer 2019 inGear MagazineSpring/Summer 2019 inGear Magazine
  • Students "Having a Butcher's" at London
  • Distinguished Alumnus Shares how Studying Abroad Changed his Life
  • Knocking Big Data Down to Size
  • Which Majors get the Best Jobs Right out of College?
  • Alumna Continues her Support of the Department
Fall/Winter 2018 inGear MagazineFall/Winter 2018 inGear Magazine
  • Outreach and Engagement
  • A 21st-Century Solution to a 19th-Century Problem
  • WELCOME New Data Analytics Faculty Members
  • 5 Questions with Misha Dawson
  • Ambassador Program Showcases Department
Spring/Summer 2018 Edition of inGear MagazineSpring/Summer 2018 inGear Magazine
  • Alumni Show Support with First-of-its-Kind Gift
  • Creator of Worlds
  • 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … HOMECOMING!
  • 5 Questions with Lisa Cook
  • Faculty Profile; Rohan Shirwaiker
Fall/Winter inGear Magazine 2017Fall/Winter 2017 inGear Magazine
  • NC State Engineering Alumna, SAG Actress, and Science Communicator: Tamara Robertson Does It All
  • She’s Eager to Tell the ISE Story
  • ISE Researchers Use Simulator to Make Roads Safer
  • Faculty Profile: Ola Harrysson
  • He’s Glad to be Back Home
Spring/Summer 2017 inGear MagazineSpring/Summer 2017 inGear Magazine
  • One Well to Change 700 Lives
  • Revolutionizing Patient Data Sharing Between Classes
  • 5 Questions with Ziteng Wang
  • Homecoming 2017
  • CAMAL Wins ROI Grant
Fall/Winter 2016 inGear MagazineFall/Winter 2016 inGear Magazine
  • The IEiest Place on Earth
  • Pomp and Unusual Circumstance
  • 5 Questions with Brian Betts
  • Teen Researcher
Spring/Summer 2016 inGear MagazineSpring/Summer 2016 inGear Magazine
  • Predicting the NFL's Future
  • 5 Questions with Jessica McCoy
  • The Engineering Oval
  • Homecoming
  • Faculty Profile: Yuan-Shin Lee
Fall/Winter 2015 inGear MagazineFall/Winter 2015 inGear Magazine
  • Music City Engineering
  • 5 Questions with Kun Huang
  • Wrangling Space Cowboys
  • Remembering Fred Gant
  • 7 Most Common Things You'll do as a New Industrial Engineer
Summer 2015 inGear MagazineSummer 2015 inGear Magazine
  • Improving NC Healthcare
  • 5 Questions with Jennifer Rose
  • 39th Annual CA Anderson Awards
  • Wysk Talks Engineering and Medicine
  • Wetmore Wins Award
Winter 2015 inGear MagazineinGear Magazine Winter 2015
  • ISE Invades San Francisco
  • 5 Questions with Joe Pleasant
  • Alumni Survey Results
  • Job Explosion for 3D Printing
  • Distinguished Engineering Alumni
Fall/Winter 2014 inGear MagazineinGear Magazine Fall/Winter 2014
  • Change in the Weather
  • Meeting of Like Minds
  • Sam's Declassified Career Fair Survival Guide
  • Featured Alumna: Juli Trexler
  • Driverless Delivery Trucks
Spring/Summer 2014 inGear MagazineinGear Magazine Spring/Summer 2014
  • Real World Problems
  • Back to the Head of the Class
  • Featured Alumnus: Roger Jones
  • ISE Works to Revitalize our Economy
Fall/Winter 2013 inGear MagazineinGear Magazine Fall/Winter 2013
  • ISE Looks to the Future
  • Library 2.0
  • It's All About You
  • See ISE Save Sea Snapper by the Sea Shore
  • ISE Students vs the Global Economy
Spring/Summer 2013 inGear MagazineinGear Magazine Spring/Summer 2013
  • Faster Cheaper Better
  • Addition by Addition
  • Balancing Act
Fall/Winter Magazine 2012 inGear MagazineinGear Magazine Fall/Winter 2012
  • Skills That Pay Bills
  • Award-Winning Anger
  • Extraterrestrial Among Us
  • Welcome to Camp Innovation
Spring/Summer 2012 inGear MagazineinGear Magazine Spring/Summer 2012
  • ISE Vaults into Top 10 Nationally
  • Three NC State Industrial Engineers Honored by IIE
  • Big Night at the C.A. Anderson Awards
  • Student Chapter of IIE Hosts Mid-Atlantic Conference
Fall/Winter 2011 inGear MagazineFall/Winter 2011 inGear Magazine
  • ISE Welcomes Three New Faculty Members
  • ISE Students Make the Headlines
  • ISE Officially in the Top 10
  • ISE Ph.D. Student Receives AHRQ Dissertation Grant
  • Dr. Kaber Named HFES Fellow
  • Health Systems Engineering Certificate Program
Fall/Winter 2010 inGear MagazineFall/Winter 2010 inGear Magazine
  • High Marks for IISE Faculltty
  • Dr. David Kaber Named Editor in Chief for Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making
  • Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Richard Bernhard
  • Senator Hagan Visits Rapid Manufacturing and Prototyping Lab
Spring/Summer 2010 inGear MagazineSpring/Summer 2010 inGear Magazine
  • Offers Students, Faculty and Industry Expanded Facilities and New Equipment
  • Faculty Spotlight: Dr. T. Culbreth
  • Take a Tour
  • Two NCSU ISE Faculty Members Retire
  • Update: NCSU ISE Improving NC Health Care with CDC
Fall/Winter 2009 inGear MagazineFall/Winter 2009 inGear Magazine
  • Dr. Wysk Joins NC State ISE Faculty as Dopaco Distinguished Professor
  • Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Jingyan Dong
  • Honoring our Distinguished Alumni
  • Hodgson Named Co-Director of Interdisciplinary Operations Research Program
  • NCSU ISE to Host Grand Challenges Workshop
Spring/Summer 2009 inGear MagazineSpring/Summer 2009 inGear Magazine
  • Energy and Sustainability
  • Expand and Enhance Human Capability and Joy
  • NCSU ISE Professor Honored as Healthcare Hero
  • ISE Students Win 2009 SHS Student Paper Competition
  • Tim McGlothlin Appointed to IIE Board of Trustees
Fall/Winter 2008 inGear MagazineFall/Winter 2008 inGear Magazine
  • International Connections
  • ISE Hosts International Workshop on Planning the Extended Enterprise
  • ISE Summer Teacher Workshop Helps get Senior High School Math Students in Proper 'MINDSET'
  • The ISE College Summer Practicum
Spring/Summer 2008 inGear MagazineSpring/Summer 2008 inGear Magazine
  • Richard Bernhard and Stephen Roberts Elected Fellows of IIE
  • Yuan-Shin Lee Elected Fellow of ASME
  • ISE Develops Microneedles for Drug Delivery
  • Custom Design and Direct Fabrication of Titanium Palate Implant
Fall/Winter 2007 inGear MagazineFall/Winter 2007 inGear Magazine
  • It's Raining Cats and Dogs ... and Pandas?
  • Honoring our Distinguished Alumni
Spring/Summer 2007 inGear MagazineSpring/Summer 2007 inGear Magazine
  • Some of our Closest Colleagues are Half a World Away
  • ISE Vacates Park Shops and Puts Department Under Same Roof