Whether it’s a natural disaster, the flu season or your doctor’s office, NC State’s industrial engineers are working to improve the effectiveness and quality of healthcare. Our Health Systems Engineering Program (HSE) focuses on the entire patient care cycle. This includes screening, vaccination, preventive medicine, diagnosis, treatment, medications, monitoring, and checkups.

Our students and faculty focus on research that drives innovation in:

  • clinical operations
  • individual treatment choices
  • and supply chain optimization

HSE research is interdisciplinary and uses a variety of tools to optimize systems and processes. These tools include:

  • simulation
  • mathematical programming
  • statistical analysis
  • metaheuristics
  • dynamic programming and decision analysis

ISE is a founding member of the Healthcare Engineering Alliance (HEA). We often partner with UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke and the Durham VA to model real world problems and provide solutions. This allows us to continue developing a world-class research and academic program.

Are you a current or potential student looking for more information? Please contact Kanton Reynolds | ktreyno2@ncsu.edu | 919.515.0605


Are you an industry leader, government agency or university and want to partner with ISE on a research project? Contact Julie Swann | jlswann@ncsu.edu | 919.515.6423

Health Systems Certificate Program

Our program, the first of it’s kind in North Carolina, is designed to prepare you for a career in the healthcare field. After successful completion of the program, you will receive a Health Systems Engineering Certificate which sets you apart and makes your more marketable for a future career in the healthcare industry.

Health Systems Engineering Certificate Program page


Personalized Medicine Cluster

Through the Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program, NC State University has established a Faculty Cluster in Personalized Medicine Discovery focused on the development of quantitative methods toward the promise of personalized medicine and their implementation in practice. Industrial and Systems Engineering has partnered with the Department of Statistics and the Department of Mathematics to establish this innovative entity, whose goal is to bring together faculty who are separately pursuing personalized medicine research to draw strength from their diverse perspectives, fostering innovation. An added benefit will be interdisciplinary training of graduate students in the quantitative sciences allowing them to emerge with unique, cross-cutting methodological and collaborative skills that will be in high demand.


Want to see the research projects our students are working on right now? View our Current Ph.D. Student Page. Are you a student and want to join us? Undergraduates contact Kanton Reynolds | ktreyno2@ncsu.edu | 919.515.0605 and graduates contact Amy Roosje (graduate) | isegradinfo@ncsu.edu | 919.515.6410


Health Systems Engineering Faculty

Karen Chen

Assistant Professor


Julie Ivy



Maria Mayorga

Professor of Personalized Medicine


Osman Ozaltin

Associate Professor of Personalized Medicine


Javad Taheri

Associate Research Professor


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