The ISE Department works with a wide network of partners. Listed below are nine ways in which ISE and the professional community are working together for mutual benefit.

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1. Philanthropy and Sponsorship

Outside support through philanthropy and sponsorship allows us to enhance our programs. The ISE Enhancement Fund addresses one of the department’s greatest needs, discretionary support. These funds allow the Department Head to quickly respond to these opportunities and challenges. It also enables us to increase the number of graduate fellowship, undergraduate scholarships, and much more. For more information, contact Mike Walsh | |

2. Project Opportunities

ISE’s Senior Design course is a chance to work with students who can analyze your proposal and provide valuable solutions. For more information, contact Dr. Kanton Reynolds | | 919.515.0605.

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3. Presentations and Learning Opportunities in the Classroom

You can interact with ISE students through class presentations, panels and lectures. This allows you to engage students in real-world problems and solutions. For more information, contact Dr. Julie Swann | | 919.515.6423.

4. Summer Camp Opportunities

You can interact with future ISE students through class presentations and hand-on exercises. This is a great way to expose students to what it’s like to be an industrial engineer. For more information, contact Jason Low | | 919.515.1424.

5. Tours of Industrial Facilities

Have students tour your industrial facilities. This is a great opportunity for students to see principles taught in the classroom getting put into action. For more information, contact Dr. Rohan Shirwaiker | | 919.515.6414.

9 Ways to Partner with ISE | Summer Camp
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6. Cooperative Education (Co-ops) and Internships

Co-ops and internships allow you to work with some of the nation’s top students. They give you the opportunity to test a student’s effectiveness and potential as a future employee. Students also benefit by gaining valuable work experience. For more information, contact Dr. Julie Swann | | 919.515.6423.


7. Recruiting

Interested in our students? We encourage you to send job announcements to the department. You can also post right on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. For more information, contact Dr. Julie Swann | | 919.515.6423.

9 ways to Partner with ISE | Career Fairs

8. Career Fairs

Take part in one of NC State’s Engineering Career Fairs. This is a great way to enhance your company’s visibility to future job candidates in ISE. To register go to or contact Brian D. Koehler | | 919.515.3263.

9. Industry Research Opportunities

ISE’s faculty and students work with corporations and governmental agencies to perform in-context research. This research broadens knowledge and creates new methodologies. For more information, contact Dr. Julie Swann | | 919.515.6423.

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