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Pay Your Senior Design Sponsorship

Becoming a senior design sponsor is rewarding for both you and the student team. A sponsorship is an opportunity to work with students who can analyze your proposal and provide a valuable solution.

Throughout the semester students communicate with presentations, reports, and emails or conference calls. You will receive the final project report, copies of any software files and physical prototypes. You’re also a stakeholder who has input in the student team’s evaluation.

Our process to submit your proposed projects is straightforward and simple. Just complete our Senior Design Sponsor Form and Dr. Kanton Reynolds will be back in touch shortly.

To help you better understand, We have provided guidelines on what to expect from your student team. We have also listed what we want to see from you, our sponsor. So explore some of our past senior design projects and we look forward to working with you soon.

Got questions? Please contact Dr. Kanton Reynolds | | 919.515.2362.

What to Expect from Your Student Team

You should always expect best effort, good communications, and professionalism from your student team. They will be under the mentorship of an ISE faculty member throughout the semester. The project will begin with the student team’s project proposal.

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful team project. So, the student team will contact the sponsor on a regular basis. Interim reports and updates are a part of the communication process

The project will conclude with a final report. Any computer programs, data analysis, drawings, etc. will be part of their final report. The student team will give a final presentation to the sponsor.


What We Want to See From Our Sponsors

We request that the sponsor assign a point of contact for your student team. The contact person should communicate (via email, phone, or Skype) with the student team on average of 1-2 hours per week. The sponsor should be available to answer questions and provide direction on project tasks/outputs. At the end of the project, the sponsor will judge the student team’s performance. We will provide a grade sheet to the contact person.

Sponsors should start early to define the project scope and desired outcomes with the ISE department. We recommend submitting projects 60-90 days in advance of the semester. This will ensure that your team has ample time to develop the project description. A faculty leader will contact you after we receive your submission. We request an upfront commitment fee to help with the project costs.

Got questions? Please contact Dr. Kanton Reynolds | | 919.515.2362.


Past Sponsors/Projects

Each semester the ISE Department has the pleasure of working with local companies on Senior Design Projects. These projects allow companies to use student resources and have fresh ideas injected into their real-world projects. This sponsorship is rewarding for both the project sponsor and the student team. ISE would like to thank all of our past sponsors for their participation in the program.

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