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InGear is Here! | NC State ISE | inGear Magazine

inGear is HERE!

The latest edition of inGear Magazine is HERE! Don't miss out on all the amazing things that are happening in the NC State ISE Department.
A business woman wearing a cape is pointing her fist in the air with the setting sun in the background

MEM Producing Female Leaders at a Super Rate

NC State's Master of Engineering Management Program boasts a staggering 61% female population compared to the 12.1% in engineering management nationally.
5 Questions with | Tiffany Chin Moore | NC State ISE | inGear Magazine

5 Questions with Tiffany Chin Moore

ISE alumna Tiffany Chin Moore, BSIE '01, shares the wisdom and experience from a 20+ year career in manufacturing.
Xiaolei Fang standing in his office

Faculty Spotlight: Xiaolei Fang

Some people are planners. Others go with the flow. When it comes to ISE professor Xiaolei Fang, he prefers the best of all worlds.
Karl Schuchard working in a lab

Graduate Student Spotlight: Karl Schuchard

Do all engineers start loving STEM at a young age? Ph.D. student Karl Schuchard challenges this stereotype. For him, it all started with a love of nature.
Maria-Hunter Mackie

Undergraduate Student Spotlight Maria-Hunter Mackie

There are many stories about people who knew that industrial engineering was for them from a young age. But what about those who find themselves later in life?