Shockley Wins Engineering and Humanities Award

Zane Shockley, a recent graduate in Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE), received the Senior Award for Humanities. This recognition celebrates Shockley’s achievements in both engineering and humanities, especially his focus on German Studies. His dedication to learning across different fields led him to this accolade.

Expressing his gratitude, Shockley said, “Being recognized for my passions means a lot. I’ve always enjoyed problem-solving and learning languages.” Despite facing challenges, he’s proud to have earned a double degree.

His advisor, Helga Braunbeck, praised Shockley’s exceptional qualities, like his curiosity and work ethic. Shockley’s fluency in German notably improved after a 10-week internship in Germany. Braunbeck noted his active participation in class discussions and thorough research on sustainability in sports. “He was always prepared and eager to contribute his knowledge and ideas about the environmental problems and possible solutions we discussed in class,” said Braunbeck.

Professor James Brown also commended Shockley’s dedication to German studies and extracurricular involvement. “Zane has consistently and thoroughly impressed me with his intellectual curiosity, his persistence, his unimpeachable work ethic and his determination to get the very most out of his effort to learn German,” said Brown.

Securing a job as a Sales Engineer at Prometheus Group, Shockley plans to use his language skills and engineering knowledge. His ambition to connect STEM and humanities shows his commitment to learning from different perspectives.

Zane Shockley’s receipt of the Senior Award for Humanities represents his significant contributions to engineering and humanities. His journey inspires others to explore different fields and strive for excellence. Shockley’s commitment to innovation promises to have a lasting impact as he starts his career.