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Julie Ivy | IISE and INFORMS Fellow

For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow, Again.

For the second time in six months, ISE professor Julie Ivy has earned a Fellow Award from an international organization, INFORMS and IISE.
Claudia Alvarado Espino

Research Rewarded

ISE professor Rohan Shirwaiker has a successful line of students and Claudia Alvarado Espino is no exception winning 2023 IISE Graduate Research Award.
Rhett & Link duel over who's commencement speech was better

Dueling Speeches

After delivering their commencement speeches to their respective departments, Rhett & Link sit down and battle over whose speech was better.
Julie Swann and Link Neal high fiving during an interview in a sound studio

Math, Mischief and Medium-sized Holes

After delivering the commencement address, alum Link Neal sat down with ISE's Julie Swann to discuss Link's math and engineering skills and much more.
Five NC State NSBE members celebrating their contest win

NC State’s NSBE Chapter Wins Tech Bowl

NC State’s National Society of Black Engineers Team including ISE's Nehemiah MacDonald won the Academic Tech Bowl at the NSBE National Conference.