Scholarships | NC State ISE


The scholarships listed below are generally awarded annually, but availability and amount may vary from year to year depending on availability of funds. To apply for all COE and MAE scholarships, simply fill out the online COE Scholarship Application.

Got Questions? Please contact our Departmental Scholarship Coordinator Dr. Russell King | | 919.515.5186

  • Robert F. and Romaine S. Angel Scholarship
  • Worley H. and Callie Anne Clark Scholarship
  • Robert G. Carson, Jr. Scholarship
  • Hugh M. Duncan Scholarship
  • Edward P. Fitts Scholarship
  • Kenneth D. and Wanda B. Franklin Scholarship
  • Allen F. and Beverly Gant Endowed Scholarship
  • Red McCuen Scholarship
  • Arthur J. Meier Scholarship
  • Thomas D. and Tressa L. Pearson Scholarship
  • James T. Ryan Scholarship
  • M. George Wayburn Scholarship
  • Fitts Graduate Fellowship