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Room Reservations

The department has several conference rooms, meeting areas, and classrooms that are available to all faculty, staff, and students. You may reserve any of these spaces by scheduling your reservation on your NC State Google Calendar as an event.

Making a Reservation is Easy

  • Schedule an event on your NC State Google® Calendar for the time you would like to reserve the conference/classroom
  • Invite the LMP-[room_number]-ISE-Conference Room resource (see Google Calendar example image)
  • If 111 Lampe Dr is not available on the date you wish, please explore these neighboring buildings on the Google Calendar list: Burlington Lab (BU), Page Hall (PA), and Poe Hall (Poe)
  • The room will auto-accept any available time slot
  • Save your Google Calendar event
  • Need step-by-step instructions? How to reserve an ISE room using your Google Calendar

Please contact if you have any questions.

Adding a Room to your Google Calendar Event
Google Calendar | Where to add the room to your event