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Departmental Forms

Travel Reimbursement Form

Travel Reimbursement Form (PDF 68KB)
The Travel Reimbursement Form must be filled out and returned together with all your original receipts.

  • Copies of receipts are not acceptable
  • Please tape your receipts on all sides to an 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper and include a final total
  • Please itemize your hotel and car rental receipts and show a total balance of zero
  • Rental car insurance should not be purchased when the car is rented in The U.S. Rental car insurance purchased outside of the country will be reimbursed
  • Phone calls or internet charges require a memo that explains how these expenditures relate to university business
  • You will be reimbursed at a rate of $0.30 per mile when using your vehicle if state-owned vehicles are available. When not available, your mileage reimbursement rate is $0.56 to $0.575 per mile. If the state-owned vehicle availability is not determined before the trip, the traveler will be reimbursed at the lower rate. Request a state vehicle

For more details, see: NC State New Mileage Rate

Submit your form to Christina Pucci | | 919.515.7530 in 4121H Fitts-Woolard Hall

Travel Authorization

AP104 Non-Employee Travel Authorization Form (XLS 110KB)
Non-Employees must complete a Travel Authorization Form before you travel for the University, even if no expenditures are made.

  • A form must be completed two weeks before the travel date
  • If this is not possible, please plan your trip as early as possible

Submit your form to Christina Pucci | | 919.515.7530 in 4121H Fitts-Wooalrd Hall.

Employees must complete the Travel Authorization Form through MyPack Portal.

Personal Reimbursement Form

Personal Reimbursement Form (PDF 78KB)
All Personal Reimbursement Forms must include a valid account(s).

Please indicate which items were purchased, how they were used and how they were related to the project or department/university business.

  • Complete ALL required information
  • Attach receipts to an 8.5 X 11 piece of paper with scotch tape on all four sides (no glue or staples)
  • Sign each receipt
  • Sign the form
  • Get your supervisor’s signature

Note: The Personal Reimbursement form CANNOT be used for meal reimbursements

Submit your form to Christina Pucci | | 919.515.7530 in 4121H Fitts-Woolard Hall

Personal Meal Reimbursement Form (Non-travel related)

Non-Travel Meal Authorization and Reimbursement (AP107) (XLSM 21.4KB)
All meal reimbursements require an itemized receipt. An itemized receipt should include:

  • Date and time of the meal
  • Everything that was purchased
  • The total cost

The itemized receipt is usually given together with the credit card receipt. If it is not provided, please request one. In addition, the meal reimbursements require a list of names of all participants and their affiliations.

Alcohol purchases are NOT reimbursable unless there is the proper College approval, meaning being explicitly approved by the Dean or vice-chancellors.

Submit your form and receipts to Christina Pucci | | 919.515.7530 in 4121H Fitts-Woolard Hall

NC State Equipment Tracking Home Use Authorization (CA-2)

NC State Equipment Tracking Home Use Authorization (CA-2) (PDF 64KB)

Individuals who receive college/department approval to remove equipment from campus for use at home for a period greater than 30 days should complete the NC State Equipment Tracking Home Use Authorization Form (NC State Form CA-2). This form must be completed on any piece of equipment that is taken home regardless of the cost of the equipment or whether the asset is tagged.

If the use of equipment will be less than 30 days, then you are not required to complete the CA-2 Form. However, the department should keep an approved, internal record of the equipment. This record should include:

  • A description of the equipment
  • The CAMS Tag number or serial number (if the equipment is not inventoried)
  • The individual’s name using the equipment
  • The location of the equipment
  • The expected return date

Submit your form to Christina Pucci | | 919.515.7530 in 4121H Fitts-Woolard Hall

Small Purchase Order

To complete the form you will need to know:

  1. The principal investigator’s name (PI) requesting the purchase
  2. Which account to charge the purchase
  3. The purpose of the purchase

If possible, please upload the invoice/quote for the purchase.

Remember: Let the vendor know that NC State is Sales Tax Exempt. If they need additional information or a sales tax-exempt certificate, please contact Nataliya Vanchosovych at 919.515.3454.

Bi-weekly Temporary Employee Timesheet

When completing your Bi-weekly Employee Timesheet, please ensure that:

  • All partial hours worked must be rounded off to the closest 1/4 hour. For example: 8 hours 10 minutes = 8.25 not 8.1; similarly, 8 hours 5 minutes = 8.00 not 8.05
  • Do not send your time-sheet by courier/campus mail
  • Use black or blue ink to complete your timesheet (pencil is unacceptable)
  • Timesheets must be signed by you and your supervisor (missing signatures will not be processed)
  • You must submit original timesheets (copies not accepted)
  • All errors and scratch outs must be corrected and initialed by both you and your supervisor
  • Please submit your timesheet on time

Submit your timesheet to Christina Pucci | | 919.515.7530 in 4121H Fitts-Woolard Hall