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Alumni-Student Mentoring Program

The Alumni-Student Mentor Program (ASMP) provides students of the ISE Department the opportunity to seek counsel and networking from highly successful and experienced alumni.

The Matching Process

After both the student and the mentor registration are complete, a committee composed of an ISE Department advisor, ISE advisory board alumnus and department staff will match students with mentors.

This committee will create a match based on the student’s expressed interest in specific careers and industries. Priority will be given to sophomores, juniors, graduate students and then seniors until the available mentors are exhausted.

When the matching process is complete, the student and mentor are sent an email with each other’s contact information.

It is the student’s responsibility to contact the mentor within two weeks after the contact information is shared.

During the initial meeting, the student and mentor should discuss their backgrounds, interests, and professional goals. They should also consider what types of goals should be set for the duration of their mentoring relationship.

After the initial meeting, If the student or mentor does not feel the match is appropriate, contact our academic advisor, Wendy Blue | | 919.515.5413.

The Mentoring Process

To begin the student-mentor relationship, both parties should work together to establish guidelines and goals. The pair should set parameters for the relationship, such as preferred appointment time, frequency of appointments and most convenient communication methods (email, video chat, phone call, face to face, etc.).

The pair should also establish goals to achieve by working together. If the mentor or the student finds the match to be less than ideal, it is his or her responsibility to formally end the relationship by notifying the other party that they do not wish to continue with the mentoring relationship. Additionally, they should contact our academic advisor, Wendy Blue | | 919.515.5413, that the relationship has ended. If the student desires a different mentor, Wendy Blue can assist in finding a new mentor.

The mentoring phase of the Alumni-Student Mentoring Program lasts as long as the mentor and student wish to maintain the relationship. However, at the end of each year, while the student still attends NC State, the student and mentor are asked to complete a summary report.

The success of the mentoring phase is highly dependent on the relationship between the student and the mentor. Additionally, it is critical to the mentoring process’s success that the student asks questions and shares professional interests and goals with his or her mentor.

Frequently Asked Questions