Join us as we solve the next generation of physical and cognitive performance challenges. We design complex systems that involve human-computer interfaces. Our students and faculty are finding innovative ways to train people using virtual and augmented reality. Our research improves human safety through human movement measurement and deep learning. We also use brain-computer interfaces for neurorehabilitation and human cognition augmentation.

Our students develop skills and knowledge in:

  • cognitive and neuro-computational modeling of human performance,
  • automation and human-machine integration,
  • human-computer interaction and human-robot interaction,
  • occupational safety and risk management, and
  • occupational biomechanics and human activity recognition.

Our labs provide hands-on experience to apply the human-system theory, models, methods and design principles learned in the classroom.

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The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina

ISE faculty work with trained ergonomists at the Center on both theoretical and applied research. They conduct product and process evaluations and find answers to a broad range of questions relating to ergonomics and occupational safety.

The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina Website

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Human-Systems Engineering Facilities


Human-Systems Engineering Faculty

Karen Chen

Assistant Professor


Chang S. (CS) Nam



Julie Swann

Department Head


Xu Xu

Assistant Professor


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