Behnam Jabbari Marand

Advisor: Russell King

I am a Ph.D. student at NC State University studying Industrial and Systems Engineering. I have more than five years of experience working in supply chain management and data analysis in different industries. In the meantime, the desire to satisfy a sense of achievement motivates you to work toward something new and perhaps gigantic! I think pursuing my academic objectives in a Ph.D. program would help me to expand my knowledge and contribute to massive projects.


Systems Analytics and Optimization

Research Interests

Data-driven decision-making is my primary field of work and research. We can use data from both the E-commerce, economic, and even social sectors to perform predictive and prescriptive analyses. Nevertheless, given that dealing with large-scale problems is inevitable today, I plan to conduct my research in methodology and develop efficient algorithms to address the barriers to real-time decision-making (optimization) in prescriptive analysis.


MSOHSMaster of Occupational Health and SafetyTexas A&M University2015
BSCEBachelor of Science in Civil EngineeringRice University2011
Behnam Jabbari Marand