Sehee Jung

Dr. Yahya Fathi

Sehee Jung is a Ph.D. student at NC State’s Edward P. Fitts Department of ISE focusing on Systems Analytics and Optimization.

Research Interests

Sehee’s research focuses on developing biomechanical methods and, furthermore, making them usable in the real-world.

Based on computer vision and machine/deep learning algorithms, they design biomechanical models for assessing any potential risks (e.g., high shear/compressive force) during manual material handling tasks (e.g., lifting).

Sehee is also interested in how these models are used in practice. To help people benefit from their work easily, they also develop mobile applications or PC programs on which their models are implemented.


Expected Graduation2024 | Spring
MSIndustrial EngineeringHanyang University2019
BSIndustrial and Management EngineeringHanbat National University2017
Sehee Jung