Sehee Jung

Dr. Yahya Fathi

Hi, my name is Sehee Jung . I’d say I enjoy doing something challenging often, but it doesn’t mean I’m good at that. Actually, I’ve been clumsy most of the time. But for me, the thing is whether I try it or not. I remember I regretted doing nothing, thinking, “Nooo- I should have given it a try” tons of times. I hope I don’t lose my DO spirit as long as I have the freedom to fail in my Ph.D. period. This is the privilege I found here.

Research Interests

Sehee’s research focuses on developing biomechanical methods and, furthermore, making them usable in the real world. Based on computer vision and machine/deep learning algorithms, he designs biomechanical models for assessing potential risks (e.g., he also develops mobile applications or PC programs on which my models are implemented).


Expected Graduation2024 | Spring
MSIndustrial EngineeringHanyang University2019
BSIndustrial and Management EngineeringHanbat National University2017
Sehee Jung