Brandon McConnell

Assistant Research Professor

Brandon McConnell is an Assistant Research Professor in the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. After serving as an Infantry officer in the US Army, Brandon now leads the Military Operations Research Group consisting of Operations Research and ISE students interested in military and national security challenges. He also mentors and advises the active-duty and veteran students from OR and ISE. He suffers from chronic surfing addiction.


Ph.D. 2018

Doctor of Philosophy in Operations Research

NC State University

MOR 2015

Master of Operations Research

NC State University

BSOR 2006

Bachelor of Science in Operations Research

United States Military Academy at West Point

Research Description

McConnell's research interests broadly include military operations research, expeditionary logistics with risk, as well as inventory control, production applications, healthcare systems, and national security. A central theme to his research is making these decisions under conditions of uncertainty or while managing a set of risks. His most current work focuses on using nonstationary queuing theory, scheduling, and forecasting to conduct capacity planning and performance analysis for expeditionary logistics networks with risk.

Honors and Awards

  • Richard H. Barchi Prize for Best Paper, Military Operations Research Society, 2019
  • Award for Excellence in Classroom Teaching, NC State University, 2018
  • ISE Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, NC State ISE Department, 2018
  • Edward A. Shook Mentor Award, NC State ISE Department, 2018
  • Recognition for Excellence in Mentorship, NC State University, 2017
  • Salah Elmaghraby Award, NC State University, 2015


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