ISE Flexes for Modern Pumping Today

Professor Ola Harrysson sits down with Modern Pumping Today Magazine to discuss the future of flexible manufacturing

ISE Flexes for Modern Pumping Today
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As U.S. manufacturers adapt to competing in the global marketplace, they have discovered that they need to be able to offer services that their competitors don’t. Often this means that they will need to be more agile and make what each customer wants instead of mass producing.

To move from mass production to mass customization requires flexible manufacturing systems. These systems must be able to accommodate large-scale changes in volume and capability.

“Today’s ISE students are knowledgeable in mass customization concepts. They spend more time learning about mass customization than any other engineering discipline,” Says Harrysson. “ISE students learn how to solve these problems and to create systems to handle large-scale changes. These new technologies will change the supply chain in many ways and ISEs will be ready for these challenges.”