Faculty Profile: Ola Harrysson

When they are young, many students dream of becoming professional athletes, high-profile chefs, or movie stars. Dr. Ola Harrysson, Fitts Distinguished Professor, had a different … Continued

CAMAL Wins ROI Grant

As part of the UNC Research Opportunities Initiative (ROI), the University of North Carolina General Administration has awarded a grant to three universities that will … Continued

Spellings Visits the Department

UNC System President Margaret Spellings visits the CAMAL lab to learn about advanced manufacturing techniques from students and faculty Spellings vowed to visit all 17 … Continued

Chancellor Tours ISE

Chancellor Woodson visits ISE Labs to see the future of manufacturing See more photos of the 3-D printed football

IES Has Skin in the Game

Professors Shirwaiker and Harrysson sit down with Surgical Products Magazine to discuss commercializing engineered tissue Read the Surgical Products Magazine article The technology to 3D … Continued