IES Has Skin in the Game

Professors Shirwaiker and Harrysson sit down with Surgical Products Magazine to discuss commercializing engineered tissue

ISE Has Skin in the Game
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The technology to 3D print transplantable organs has moved from science fiction to science fact. This is great news for the over 100,000 patients that are currently waiting for an organ transplant. But it’s one thing to regrow a single, patient-specific organ. It’s another thing to regrow thousands and thousands of customized organs at an acceptable cost. The question is, “How do we commercialize and scale up the production of engineered tissue for printed organs?”

This is the challenge researchers in the ISE department are looking to answer. Professors Shirwaiker and Harrysson agree, “Repeatability, reliability and quality are our biggest issues.” To come up with a solution, the team must collaborate with others and find alternative uses for engineered tissue.