It’s Good to be Young

Professor Robert Young receives the inaugural George L. Smith Award from the Institute of Industrial Engineers

Last week the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) unveiled their annual list of award winners and ISE’s own Dr. Robert Young received the inaugural George L. Smith international Award for Excellence in Promotion of Industrial Engineering. “Seeing that this is the first time the award has been given, it’s nice that someone in our department won it,” said Young.

“Dr. Young was selected based on his significant and long-standing contributions to the industrial engineering discipline,” said the IIE. “He has been a goodwill ambassador for the profession across national boundaries by demonstrating global cooperation in their leadership and establishment of international initiatives.”

Over his 40 year career, Dr. Young has worked across national boundaries to establish global cooperation through industrial engineering. He has made many contributions to the globalization of industrial engineering by building a stronger community of professionals across national and cultural boundaries.

Professor Young will officially receive his award at the annual IIE conference to be held in Montreal coming up in June.

Award Background

This award was created to honor Dr. George L. Smith, P. E. Professor Emeritus of Industrial Engineering at the Ohio State University. Dr. Smith served as a long-term member of the IIE Board of Trustees in various roles; however, his international promotion of the industrial engineering profession has been his greatest legacy to the global IE community. To honor his commitment and dedication to advancement of the profession and recognize the contributions of other industrial engineers who continue in this tradition of advancing the profession globally, IIE established the George L. Smith International Award for Excellence in Promotion of Industrial Engineering.