Allgood-Staton Welcomes Past, Present and Future

ISE’s own Debbie Allgood-Staton opens the 2014 Sisterhood Dinner – Champions of Change: Past, Present, Future

Each year the Council on the Status for Women holds their annual Sisterhood Dinner and this year the festivities, themed “Champions of Change: Past, Present and Future”, were kicked off by none other than the Council’s chair and ISE’s own, Debbie Allgood-Staton. She welcomed the 400+ attendees who included Joanne Woodward, Vice Provost – Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity; Dr. Patricia Caple, Professor Emeritus; and the dinner’s keynote speaker, Anita Brown-Graham, Director of the Emerging Issues Institute and White House “Champions of Change” honoree.

“The mission of the Council on the Status of Women is to support equity for women, faculty, staff and students by advocating their rights, values and professional principles,” said Allgood-Staton. “The council shall provide opportunities, counsel and leadership to promote a diverse university community.” The Sisterhood Dinner celebrates the contributions and accomplishments of NC State women. It was originally called the Susan B. Anthony Dinner but was changed in 1999 to the Sisterhood Dinner to encompass all aspects of the achievements of women.

Before turning the floor over to Dr. Caple, Allgood-Staton asked everyone to pick up one of the mirrors on their table. “I would like to introduce you to another Champion of Change,” declared Debbie. “YOU!”

Debbie has served as the Council’s Chair, a position appointed by the Provost of the university, for the last two years. “What an incredible honor it has been to serve as the chair,” said Allgood-Staton. “I encourage both men and women to serve on the council.”


The ceremonies continued with the Equity for Women Award winners being announced. The awards are given annually to recognize faculty, staff and students for their outstanding leadership in establishing equity for women at NC State University. Nominations are solicited from all members of the campus community, including faculty, staff, students, alumni and partners. This year’s winners are:

  • Student: Suzanne Martin
  • Staff: Dr. Shaefny Grays
  • Faculty: Dr. Mary Wyer
  • Lifetime Achievement: Dr. Deborah Hooker

To view more photos and videos from the ceremonies, visit the Council on the Status of Women’s Sisterhood Dinner web page.