Light, Camera, Action!

The ISE Department had the pleasure on being visited this week by a film crew from the Seoul Broadcast System (Seoul, South Korea). They came to NC State to film the latest collaborative surgical procedure between the ISE Department and the Veterinary School. This procedure involved the attachment of two prosthetic limbs to the back legs of a dog.

The SBS team started with a media briefing on Monday, May 1st, where they met and interviewed the surgeons, Dr. Denis Marcellin-Little and Joanne Tuohy; the designer of the revolutionary prosthetics, Dr. Ola Harrysson; the patient’s owners, Ivo Abraham and Karen McDonald; and the patient, Jack. The main topic of discussion was exactly how the surgical procedure would be performed.

The SBS film crew spent the following day at the vet school where they covered Jack’s surgery preparation, recorded the lengthy, but highly successful surgery through the operating room window and finished with their post-surgery coverage.

On Wednesday, the team visited the ISE Department to learn how the titanium prosthetics were made. With their cameras rolling, the team recorded Tim Horn, graduate assistant, as he demonstrated how the prosthetic limb would be attached to the dog and how it would function. He also gave the team a tour of the lab as he explained how the prosthetic was made. The crew then moved upstairs where they filmed Dr. Harrysson, Tim Horn and the dog’s owners as they discussed the rehabilitation schedule for Jack. They wrapped up their visit with an interview of Dr. Harrysson where he explained his revolutionary process for creating the custom-designed prosthetics.

The ISE Department would like to thank the SBS team for their interest and the international exposure.