Student Wins CES 2024 Innovation Award for AI-powered System

Sehee Jung, a Ph.D. student, has recently been honored with the CES 2024 Innovation Award for Sustainability, Eco-design, and Smart Energy. Presented by the Consumer Technology Association, this award recognizes exemplary design and engineering achievements in consumer technology products. Sehee’s contribution was as a primary developer of the Vision Plus system, an AI-powered particulate matter monitoring system.

The Vision Plus system is unique because it uses smart algorithms to analyze images, making it very accurate in detecting particle concentrations. What makes it unique is that it can work with existing CCTV systems, so there’s no need for extra installations, which makes it easier to monitor air quality in many places, making it more efficient and cost-effective than traditional devices.

As a graduate student, Sehee’s primary research focuses on advancing computer vision-based algorithms. Sehee credits his success to what he has learned in his ISE courses and working in the biomechanical lab. Dr. Xu, Sehee’s mentor and the director of the Biomechanics Lab, commends his exceptional work ethic, describing him as, “one of the most hardworking students I’ve seen in recent years.”

His work with the Biomechanics Lab has allowed him to contribute to impactful projects like the MY-DATA app. This educational application also uses computer vision technology to facilitate student learning analytic methods through body motion. This app uses body motion to foster learning experiences inside and outside the classroom, allowing for a more versatile learning experience anywhere.