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The handshake of employers hiring NC State ISE Ph.D. students

On the Job Market

Our Ph.D. students are changing the world of advanced manufacturing, operations and service sectors. Our Ph.D. program produces students who excel in both industry and academia. They are innovators, educators and even Nobel Peace Prize recipients. Our Ph.D. students go on to work with many of the most innovative companies around the world like Amazon, Tesla, SAS, Microsoft, etc.

Advisor: Rohan Shirwaiker

Advisor: Dr. Yuan-Shin Lee

Dr. Russell King

Advisor: Russell King

ISE Ambassador

Advisors: Drs. Binil Starly and Collin Lynch

Advisor: Dr. Osman Ozaltin

Advisor: Drs. Julie Swann and Robert Handfield

Advisor: Russell King

Advisor: Dr. Rohan Shirwaiker

Advisor: Dr. Chang S. Nam

Advisor: Dr. Xu Xu

Dr. Russell King

Dr. Karen Chen

Advisor: Dr. Xu Xu

Advisor: Dr. Xiaolei Fang