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Graduate Programs and General Degree Guidelines

Three Masters degree programs are currently offered: the Master of Industrial Engineering, MIE; the Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, MSIE; and the dual Master of Industrial Engineering/Master of Business Administration, MIE/MBA. In addition, we offer a Doctorate (PhD) in Industrial Engineering. Admission for graduate study is granted by the NCSU Graduate School and all necessary application materials can be obtained online. The Industrial Engineering Program Description from the Graduate School provides a brief overview of our program.

Student Resources


WolfWare is an online Learning Management System (LMS) that allows professors and students to conduct class-related communications using the Internet. Professors can create Web sites for their classes as well as easily communicate with students and support staff via e-mail.

Through WolfWare, professors can also deliver streaming video and audio content; manage grades; maintain message boards for class discussions and post essential documents (i.e. syllabi, handouts, readings, lectures, links to helpful Web sites). Students can submit assignments electronically.

Courses in Wolfware (web-enhanced)

Graduate Seminar Series

The department supports a professional development seminar series, which is typically scheduled on Fridays at 11:30 a.m. The seminar is preceded by a faculty or student speaker social beginning at 11:00. Seminars provide an opportunity to hear distinguished speakers, to acquire new knowledge, and to stimulate one's thinking.

All graduate students are required to attend departmental seminars. Exceptions are granted only by the Director of Graduate Programs.

Although there is a single departmental seminar for all students, masters students should register for the seminar as ISE 601; and doctoral students should register for the seminar as ISE 801.

For more information, contact Dr. Yahya Fathi, Director of Graduate Programs.