Tafui Leggard

ISE Ambassador


My name is Tafui Leggard, but feel free to call me Taf. I am from Cary, NC and my family is from the Caribbean. I transferred to NC State during the 2020 spring semester from a private university in Florida. I chose NC State because of the strong ISE program and the community that the Raleigh area provides. I really liked that the ISE program provides relevant technical training to its students and has established relationships with a variety of employers.

I am now taking time to learn about NC State and its campus, but plan to pursue opportunities related to healthcare systems and the arts. I will be involved in the Society of Health Systems during the upcoming semester.

I applied to be a student ambassador because I feel that our ISE department is strong and want to make sure that students have access to information about the resources available. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/tafui-leggard

Tafui Leggard’s Resume PDF 134KB




Tafui “Taf” Leggard