Carlos Leca

Advisor: Reha Uzsoy


Carlos Leca is a Ph.D. student studying Supply Chain and Logistics and Systems Analytics and Optimization in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department.

Research Interests

The highly competitive nature of high-tech industries forces firms to constantly develop and launch new products to the marketplace in order to keep their market niche. This frenetic introduction pace demands a significant number of resources that can be placed otherwise in manufacturing processes of products that are already developed and generating revenue in the market. The situation creates an important competition from different development and manufacturing departments for the scarce resources, while at the same time the development departments need the present revenue from the manufacturing departments and the manufacturing departments needs new developments to assure future revenue. My research focuses on creating decentralized decision-making frameworks to allocate those resources to the multiple competing agents that will also have the necessity of cooperating within each other to accomplish their goals. The idea is to deploy market-based mechanisms such as auctions to help with the resource allocations along different types of agents within the firm.



Expected Graduation2023 | Spring
MIEMaster of Industrial EngineeringNC State University2018
BSIEBachelor of Science in Industrial EngineeringUniversidad Catolica Andres Bello2012
Carlos Leca