Adolfo R. Escobedo

Associate Professor

Adolfo R. Escobedo is an educator and researcher in the field of industrial engineering and operations research. He joined the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering as an associate professor.

Research Interests

Escobedo’s research interests are in the theory and application of mathematical programming and computing, specifically in the design and analysis of algorithms for power systems operations and planning, circular economy, computational social choice, and computational linear algebra.


Ph.D.Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial EngineeringTexas A&M University2016
BAMBachelor of Arts in MathematicsCalifornia State University-Los Angeles2009

Awards and Honors

  • 2024 | NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award
  • 2023 | INFORMS Minority Issues Forum (MIF) Early Career Award
  • 2023 | IISE Operations Research Track Best Paper Award
  • 2021 | INFORMS Computing Society (ICS) Prize
  • 2020 | Top 5% Best Teacher (Arizona State University)
  • 2016 | U.S. Senator Phil Gramm Doctoral Fellowship (Texas A&M University)
  • 2015 | Finalist for the INFORMS Junior Faculty Forum Paper Competition
  • 2015 | Jimmy H. Smith, Ph.D., P.E. Graduate Scholarship (Texas A&M University)
  • 2014 | Energy Institute/Conoco Phillips Fellowship (Texas A&M University)
  • 2012 | Graduate Fellowship (Texas A&M University)
  • 2012 | LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate Fellowship (Texas A&M University)


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Assessing the Effects of Expanded Input Elicitation and Machine Learning-Based Priming on Crowd Stock Prediction
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Beyond kemeny rank aggregation: A parameterizable-penalty framework for robust ranking aggregation with ties
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Derivations of large classes of facet defining inequalities of the weak order polytope using ranking structures
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Exact Matrix Factorization Updates for Nonlinear Programming
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Software for "Exact Matrix Factorization Updates for Nonlinear Programming"
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An axiomatic distance methodology for aggregating multimodal evaluations
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A New Binary Programming Formulation and Social Choice Property for Kemeny Rank Aggregation
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A decision support tool for calculating waste collection needs
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Adolfo R. Escobedo