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Ziyang Xie | Graduate Student Spotlight

Graduate Student Spotlight | Ziyang Xie

Ph.D. student Ziyang Xie knew precisely when his passion for engineering began. At the age of five. With toy cars.
Karl Schuchard working in a lab

Graduate Student Spotlight: Karl Schuchard

Do all engineers start loving STEM at a young age? Ph.D. student Karl Schuchard challenges this stereotype. For him, it all started with a love of nature.
Graduate Student Spotlight | Jiali Huang | NC State ISE | inGear Magazine

Graduate Student Spotlight: Jiali Huang

Jiali Huang is a Ph.D. student who made the choice to become an engineer because both parents were engineers, and she wanted to be a part of that world.
Graduate Student Spotlight: Kurtis Konrad

Graduate Student Spotlight: Kurtis Konrad

Kurtis Konrad is a Ph.D. student who received both his bachelor's and master's degrees in industrial engineering from NC State.
Graduate Student Spotlight | Carlan Ivey

Graduate Student Spotlight: Carlan Ivey

Industrial engineers apply their skills to prevent problems from happening every day. What if that problem was someone trying to punch you in the face?