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2021 ISE Alumni Hall of Fame Breakfast | October 29, 2021

2021 Alumni Hall of Fame Breakfast

The 2021 ISE Alumni Hall of Fame Breakfast is an opportunity to celebrate this year's class of Distinguished and Outstanding Young Award winners.
2018 Distinguished Alumni | Brad Sullivan

Meet 2018 Distinguished Alumni: Brad Sullivan

  Brad Sullivan is the co-founder and former president of Thomas-Bain Leather, Inc., which specializes in the manufacturing of custom upholstered and leather furniture. Sullivan...
2018 Distinguished Alumni | Dr. Subhash Sarin

Meet 2018 Distinguished Alumni: Dr. Subhash Sarin

  Subhash C. Sarin currently holds the Paul T. Norton Endowed Professorship in the Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech. He...
2018 Idstinguished Alumni | Tony Blevins

Meet 2018 Distinguished Alumni: Tony Blevins

Tony J. Blevins oversees Apple Inc’s global supply chain as Vice-President of Procurement. Since 2000, he has supervised a large international and multi-disciplined staff that...
Juli Trexler | Distinguished Alumni Award Winner

Meet 2017 Distinguished Alumna: Juli Trexler

  Juli Trexler is the Global Executive and Director for IBM Support as a Service Business Line in IBM’s Global Technology Services Division. Trexler has...