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A human brain with a device embedded in it

Are we Ready for Computer Chips in our Brains?

With Elon Musk's statement that his brain chip will be ready to test on humans soon, many people have concerns. We talked with Dr. CS Nam to learn more.
Faculty profile: Chang 'CS' Nam

Faculty Profile: Chang “CS” Nam

Having a fascination with how things work is a common trait in all great engineers. So is the willingness to fail and continue trying. As...
Chancellor Woodson Visits ISE Department

Chancellor Woodson Visits ISE Department

NC State University Chancellor Randy Woodson toured the ISE Department and got to test out the VR Cave, received a present from a robot, and...
Image of a person's head attached to a monitor by Nick Weaver

Research Highlight: Brain-Computer Interface Lab

Combining knowledge of the human brain and computing technologies, the Brain-Computer Interface and Neuroergonomics Lab is doing cutting-edge research that aids in rehabilitation, among other...