Keep the materials, products, labor and services of a growing global economy moving. NC State industrial engineers focus on managing the flow of these resources throughout the supply chain. This includes:

  • determining which are the best locations for providing services or products produced
  • calculating the transportation for materials between these locations and the customer
  • controlling the inventory levels at different locations in the supply chain
  • and managing the operations of the products and services to be produced and delivered

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Our students and faculty focus on designing systems that provide an excellent, consistent customer experience while keeping costs down through the efficient use of resources. We develop applications for a range of sectors including:

  • electronics manufacturing
  • remanufacturing and recycling
  • humanitarian logistics
  • and healthcare and transportation planning

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Logisitics Engineering Facilities


Logisitics Engineering Faculty

Shu-Cherng Fang

University Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor


Thom Hodgson

Distinguished University Professor


Michael Kay

Associate Professor


Russell King

Foscue Distinguished Professor


Julie Swann

Department Head


Reha Uzsoy

Clifton A. Anderson Distinguished Professor


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