Laboratory Safety

Laboratory Safety

Mission Statement

The ISE Department will provide the safest possible environment in which students, staff and faculty may pursue their teaching, research, and outreach activities in a manner that both protects and serves.

With the guidance of the University’s Environmental Health and Safety Center, ISE has established procedures for the reduction and prevention of on-the-job accidents and has made a commitment to a safety program that warrants the highest priority in our teaching and research mission. Consistent with the values and teachings of the discipline, efforts will be made to conserve resources, minimize waste, promote best practices and comply with all regulatory standards and guidelines. To this end, departmental safety efforts will serve as a model for all.

Hazardous Materials

All areas in which hazardous materials are labeled (PDF 43KB), handled (PDF 43KB), stored (PDF 43KB), or where hazardous processes are performed are required to have a safety plan. Do you need to assess an area for hazards? Get a hazard assessment form (PDF 43KB) here.

General Machine Shop Hazards

Laboratory Clean Up

Important Documents

Chemical Inventory

List of Local Medical Facilities PDF 15KB

Electrical Safety in the Workplace PDF 9MB

Room Safety Plans

Room 110 PDF 141KB

Room 118 PDF 281KB

Room 120 PDF 27KB

Room 122 PDF 157KB