Xu Xu

Assistant Professor


Prior to joining the NC State faculty, Xu Xu started his career as a postdoctoral research fellow in the School of Public Health at Harvard University. From there he became a research scientist in Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety where he received best-paper and outstanding scientific contribution award multiple times.

His research interests are generally in the areas of biomechanical modeling, optimization, simulation and data mining with respect to human daily activities to promote workplace and at-home injury prevention and driving safety. Xu has published more than 40 journal articles on the aforementioned research topics. He has also served as a research advisor for three postdoctoral research fellows.

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Ph.D. 2008

Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering

NC State University

MSIE 2006

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering

NC State University

BSIE 2004

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Tsinghua University

Research Description

Human factors and ergonomics engineering, occupational biomechanics, optimization-based biomechanical modelling, data mining on human motion data, occupational musculoskeletal injury prevention.


A computer vision based method for 3D posture estimation of symmetrical lifting
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Identification of heel strike under a slippery condition
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Using a marker-less method for estimating L5/S1 moments during symmetrical lifting
Mehrizi, R., Xu, X., Zhang, S. T., Pavlovic, V., Metaxas, D., & Li, K. (2017), Applied Ergonomics, 65, 541-550.
Using the Microsoft Kinect (TM) to assess 3-D shoulder kinematics during computer use
Xu, X., Robertson, M., Chen, K. B., Lin, J. H., & McGorry, R. W. (2017), Applied Ergonomics, 65, 418-423.
An entropy-assisted musculoskeletal shoulder model
Xu, X., Lin, J. H., & McGorry, R. W. (2017), Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology, 33, 103-110.
Evaluation of regression-based 3-D shoulder rhythms
Xu, X., Dickerson, C. R., Lin, J. H., & McGorry R. W. (2016), Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology, 29, 28-33.
Hip and knee net joint moments that correlate with success in lateral load transfers over a low friction surface
Catena, R. D., & Xu, X. (2016), Ergonomics, , 1-9.
Ergonomic evaluation of standard and alternative pallet jack handless
Harris-Adamson, C., Mielke, A., Xu, X., & Lin, J. (2016), International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 54, 113-119.
Effects of Working Environment Factors and Operator Experience on Upper Extremity Mechanical Properties During Powered Hand Tool Use
Xu, X., & Lin. J. (2015), IIE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors, 3(2), 81-90.

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