Shuohao Wu

Advisors: Dr. Russell King

Systems Analysis and Optimization


Expected Graduation

Fall 2018

BS 2011

Bachelor of Science

Zhejiang University

Research Description

Shuohao's research interests are in the areas of dynamic inventory control, pricing strategies, and supply chain management. He has been conducting theoretical analysis on the optimal procurement policy with dual-sourcing and supplier default risk. Recently, his main focus is on the joint production and pricing decisions for perishable and seasonal products, where retailers need to determine the the best timing and magnitude of pricing changes and order volume to maximize their profit in an uncertain environment. Other areas of interest include optimization of operations in additive manufacturing, and capacity modeling for multi-machine multi-job production planning. The common goal in all these areas is to propose effective solutions to improve system efficiency in business and industrial processes.


The human factors and ergonomics of P300-based brain-computer interfaces
Powers, J. C., Bieliaieva, K., Wu, S. H., & Nam, C. S. (2015), Brain Sciences.

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