Shohanuzzaman Shohan

Advisor: Dr. Rohan Shirwaiker

Shohanuzzaman Shohan is a Ph.D. student studying Biomedical Manufacturing in the Industrial and Systems Engineering department.

Research Interests

Shohanuzzaman Shohan’s research focuses on quality monitoring of artificial tissue/organs using data-driven approaches, including machine learning and deep learning. As a part of my research, he is also working on developing a scalable multi-modal tissue bioreactor system that can monitor quality attributes of the tissue/organ in real-time without interrupting growth/maturation.

Shohan is currently serving as the president of the society of manufacturing engineers (SME) student chapter at NCSU. Previously he has served as the vice president of SME. He is also an active associate member of the Comparative Medicine Institute (CMI) at NC State.


Expected GraduationFall 2022
MIEMaster of Industrial EngineeringNC State University2021
MSCMaster of Science in Industrial & Production EngineeringBangladesh University of Engineering & Technology2018
BSCIndustrial & Production EngineeringKhulna University of Engineering & Technology2015

Honors and Awards

More about his award and experience: Three Minute Thesis Competition challenges researchers to condense, present their theses

  • 2021 | Summer Graduate Merit Award
  • 2021 | Functional Tissue Engineering Graduate Award


Investigating Autoregressive and Machine Learning-based Time Series Modeling with Dielectric Spectroscopy for Predicting Quality of Biofabricated Constructs
Shohan, S., Hasan, M., Starly, B., & Shirwaiker, R. (2022), Manufacturing Letters, 33, 902–908.
Investigating dielectric spectroscopy and soft sensing for nondestructive quality assessment of engineered tissues
Shohan, S., Zeng, Y., Chen, X., Jin, R., & Shirwaiker, R. (2022), BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS, 216.
Non-destructive quality monitoring of 3D printed tissue scaffolds via dielectric impedance spectroscopy and supervised machine learning
Shohan, S., Harm, J., Hasan, M., Starly, B., & Shirwaiker, R. (2021), 49TH SME NORTH AMERICAN MANUFACTURING RESEARCH CONFERENCE (NAMRC 49, 2021), Vol. 53, pp. 636–643.
Building theory of green supply chain management for the chemical industry An emerging economy context
Shohan, S., Ali, S. M., Kabir, G., Ahmed, S. K. K., Haque, T., & Suhi, S. A. (2020), MANAGEMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY, 31(5), 1285–1308.
Green supply chain management in the chemical industry: structural framework of drivers
Shohan, S., Ali, S. M., Kabir, G., Ahmed, S. K. K., Suhi, S. A., & Haque, T. (2019), INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND WORLD ECOLOGY, 26(8), 752–768.
, (2014). International Journal of Managing Value and Supply Chains. Retrieved from

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Shohanuzzaman Shohan