Simon Hsiang

Associate Adjunct Professor

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How Does Experience with Delay Shape Managers' Making-Do Decision: Random Forest Approach
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Improving Effectiveness of Constraints Removal in Construction Planning Meetings: Information-Theoretic Approach
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Social network analysis for construction crews
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Causes of variation in construction project task starting times and duration
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Modeling trade-off between time-optimal and minimum energy in saccade main sequence
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Watching what you say: Walking and conversing in dementia preliminary studies
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Gait characteristics of children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy before and after modified constraint-induced movement therapy
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Prediction accuracy in estimating joint angle trajectories using a video posture coding method for sagittal lifting tasks
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An optimal-control model of vision-gait interaction in a virtual walkway
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Correlation of reactant particle size on residual stresses of nanostructured NiAl generated by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis
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