Srinivasan Balan

Advisor: Dr. Reha Uzsoy

Srinivasan Balan’s research interests are in production-inventory optimization, supply chain risk management, and supply chain engineering. Before coming to NC State University, he worked in the industry for eight years in the automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, agribusiness, and consulting sectors. He authored five refereed journal papers and is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt. He received the voice of the future award and excellence award during his work at Murugappa group and Olam international ltd. His website is

Research Interests

Srinivasan’s research focuses on production-inventory optimization problems. Multi-period capacitated production inventory problems are numerically challenging and computationally intensive. Typically, solving such problems is an exponential function concerning both the number of periods, decision parameters, and the number of products. These problems have been researched extensively, and a variety of approximations to solve them have been proposed. However, with the advances in mathematical programming and solver technology, approximate solutions to stochastic production inventory problems can be developed. We develop an exact stochastic dynamic program (SDP) algorithm and approximation algorithms using a single period-based Myopic heuristics, chance-constrained (CC) mathematical programming to optimally plan releases in a given period. We use dynamic adaptive simulation to find the expected cost of all the approximate algorithms and compare it with the SDP cost.


Expected Graduation2022 | Fall
MIEMasters in Industrial EngineeringNational Institute of Industrial Engineering2012
BSIEBachelor of Science in Industrial EngineeringCollege of Guindy, Anna University2007


Bluemink, B., de Kok, A.G., Srinivasan, B. and Uzsoy, R., 2019, December. Evaluating mixed-integer programming models for solving stochastic inventory problems. In 2019 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC) (pp. 1696-1707). IEEE.

Using simulation for process re-engineering in refractory ceramics manufacturing – a case study
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An Integrative supplier selection model using Taguchi loss function, TOPSIS and multi-criteria goal programming
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Srinivasan Balan