Srinivasan Balan

Advisor: Dr. Reha Uzsoy

Systems Analytics and Optimization


Expected Graduation

Spring 2021

MIE 2012

Masters in Industrial Engineering

National Institute of Industrial Engineering

BSIE 2007

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

College of Guindy, Anna University

Research Description

“Srinivasan’s research focuses on multi-echelon Inventory optimization problems. Since the inventory problems are stochastic in nature due to uncertainty in demand, lead times and other parameters, we used mixed-integer linear programming formulation to approximate the solution for a finite horizon single-stage stochastic inventory problem. We will compare the approximate solutions obtained using mixed integer programming with the exact solution using stochastic dynamic programming under capacity constraints and different supply chain topologies include serial, assembly and distributed networks. We used simulation optimization to find the optimal inventory parameters to confirm the effectiveness of the mathematical programming solution.”


Using simulation for process re-engineering in refractory ceramics manufacturing - a case study
   Balan, S. (2017), The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 93(5-8), 1761-1770.


Multi-response optimization using Grey relational analysis and Shainin design of experiments
   Balan, S. (2015), International Journal of Quality Engineering and Technology, 5(1), 57-78.


An Integrative supplier selection model using Taguchi loss function, TOPSIS and multi-criteria goal programming
   Balan, S., & Sanjay, S. (2013), Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 24(6), 1123-1130.