Rohan Shirwaiker

Associate Professor

Rohan Shirwaiker is an Associate Professor in ISE and an Associate faculty member of the UNC-NCSU Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME), Center for Additive Manufacturing and Logistics (CAMAL), and Comparative Medicine Institute (CMI).

Dr. Shirwaiker directs activities of the multidisciplinary 3D Tissue Biofabrication research group which focuses on design and scalable manufacturing technologies for engineered tissues. The group studies the fundamental interrelationships between biofabrication processes and biomaterials, and their effects on the critical-to-quality attributes of 3D scaffolds and cellular constructs. This knowledge is then utilized to develop new manufacturing strategies and tissue engineered medical products, primarily in orthopaedics, in collaboration with surgeons and biomedical engineers.

Dr. Shirwaiker’s research has been supported by over $1.5 million in research grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF), Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology and Science, and other extramural and internal funding agencies. He has co-authored 25 journal articles, 60 conference proceedings, 2 book chapters and 1 US patent in the field. He has been recognized by several distinguished awards including, most recently, the 2017 NSF CAREER Award and the 2017 C. A. Anderson Outstanding Faculty Award.

Dr. Shirwaiker teaches undergraduate and graduate ISE courses related to design and manufacturing, including ISE 316 (Manufacturing Engineering I: Processes), ISE 498 (Senior Design Project), ISE 589 (Intro to Biomedical Design and Manufacturing), and ISE 714 (Product Manufacturing for Medical Device Industry). He is the faculty advisor to the NC State student chapter of SME and the President-elect of the Manufacturing & Design Division of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. He also serves on the SME Member Council.


Ph.D. 2011

Doctorate on Philosophy in Industrial Engineering

Pennsylvania State University

MS 2007

Master of Science

Pennsylvania State University

BS 2005

Bachelor of Science

University of Mumbai

Research Description

3D Biofabrication, Bioprinting, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Orthopaedics, Medical Product Development


Mechanical properties of tissue formed in vivo are affected by 3D-bioplotted scaffold microarchitecture and correlate with ECM collagen fiber alignment
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