Ping Ren

Advisor: Dr. Jingyan Dong

Research Interests

Ping Ren’s research focuses on eletrohydrodynamic (EHD) printing with functional materials, such as AgNWs and the combination of EHD with other advanced manufacturing technology to fabricate electrical devices.


Expected Graduation2022 | Spring
BEAutomationNortheastern University, China


All Electrohydrodynamic Printed Flexible Organic Thin Film Transistors
Ren, P., Song, R., Zhu, Y., O'Connor, B., & Dong, J. (2023, June 21), ADVANCED MATERIALS TECHNOLOGIES, Vol. 6.
Electrohydrodynamic Printed Pedot:Pss/Graphene/Pva Circuits for Sustainable and Foldable Electronics
Ren, P., & Dong, J. (2023, August 24), ADVANCED MATERIALS TECHNOLOGIES, Vol. 8.
Stretchable Organic Transistor Based Pressure Sensor Employing a Porous Elastomer Gate Dielectric
Song, R., Ren, P., Liu, Y., Zhu, Y., Dong, J., & Brendan T. O'Connor. (2023, April 28), ADVANCED MATERIALS TECHNOLOGIES, Vol. 4.
Achieving High-Resolution Electrohydrodynamic Printing of Nanowires on Elastomeric Substrates through Surface Modification
Ren, P., Liu, Y., Song, R., O'Connor, B., Dong, J., & Zhu, Y. (2021), ACS APPLIED ELECTRONIC MATERIALS, 3(1), 192–202.
Direct Fabrication of VIA Interconnects by Electrohydrodynamic Printing for Multi-Layer 3D Flexible and Stretchable Electronics
Ren, P., & Dong, J. (2021, June 27), ADVANCED MATERIALS TECHNOLOGIES, Vol. 6.

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Ping Ren