Paul Carriere

Adjunct Assistant Professor


D retention in e-beam powder-bed fused (3-D printed) tungsten exposed to high-flux deuterium plasma in Pisces-RF
Baldwin, M. J., Zhang, H., Zaloznik, A., Patino, M. I., Simmonds, M. J., Nishijima, D., … Horn, T. (2024), NUCLEAR MATERIALS AND ENERGY, 39.
Microstructure and Elevated Temperature Flexure Testing of Tungsten Produced by Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing
Zhang, H., Carriere, P. R., Amoako, E. D., Rock, C. D., Thielk, S. U., Fletcher, C. G., & Horn, T. J. (2023, August 30), JOM, Vol. 8.
Design and Test of Copper Printed RF Cavities
Nantista, C., Gamzina, D., Ledford, C., Horn, T., Carriere, P., & Frigola, P. (2020), 2020 IEEE 21ST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON VACUUM ELECTRONICS (IVEC 2020), pp. 149–150.
Characteristics and Processing of Hydrogen-Treated Copper Powders for EB-PBF Additive Manufacturing
Ledford, C., Rock, C., Carriere, P., Frigola, P., Gamzina, D., & Horn, T. (2019), APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, 9(19).

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