Lokesh Karthik Narayanan


Expected Graduation

Fall 2019

BS 2013

Bachelor of Science

Anna University

Research Description

Lokesh’s research centers on the area of biomedical devices and bio-manufacturing processes. He has been researching on harnessing additive manufacturing techniques to fabricate functional human tissues. His current work pertains to tethering polymers and cell-hydrogel concoctions to 3D-print tissue engineered constructs for organs such as knee menisci and trachea. His master’s research focused on characterizing the mechanical properties of a FDA approved biocompatible polymer – Polycaprolactone processed by bioplotting process, to be used as scaffold material for tissue engineering applications. Earlier he had also worked on a project in collaboration with Georgia Regents University to fabricate biodegradable stents to support functioning of tissue engineered trachea. Lokesh also works as a Teaching Assistant for ISE department and is member of the Alpha Pi Mu Industrial Engineering Honor Society.