Arun Kumar

Advisor: Dr. Binil Starly


Expected Graduation

Spring 2017

MIE 2015

Master of Industrial Engineering

NC State University

BTech 2010

Bachelor of Technology

NIT Kurukshetra, India

Research Description

Arun’s research area focuses on techniques for utilizing the third dimension to expand mammalian cells, particularly stem cells. He researches new methodologies in encapsulating these cell types within hydrogel based microbeads followed by long term culture in an industrial scale perfusion bioreactor. His current area of research is modelling the growth and viability of mesenchymal stem cells in rotating wheel bioreactor where he applies process modeling and statistics to develop a computation model of the bioreactor system.

This work investigates the effect of key process parameters, metabolite concentrations and bioreactor operating parameters on stem cells growth, viability and proliferation over 21 - 30 days of culture. This research would play an important role in achieving production level quantities of billions to even trillions of anchorage dependent stem cells for regenerative medicine therapy and tissue engineering applications. Furthermore, it would address some of the challenges in the field of cellular biomanufacturing to achieve the desired cellular yield while adhering to the key pillars of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) - safety, purity, stability, potency and identity.