Xiangcheng Kong


Expected Graduation

Spring 2017

BS 2013

Bachelor of Science

Shandong University

Research Description

Xiangcheng's primary research interests are concerned with the use of statistical models to analyze the tip-based nanomanufacturing processes and predict the machining force. He also works on building models to predict machining outputs as wellas simulating the machining process with physical and stochastic models. The goal of this research is to optmize manufacturing inputs to maximize machining throughput and reduce tool wear.


Modeling of the dynamic machining force of vibration-assisted nanomachining process
Kong, X. C., Dong, J. Y., & Cohen, P. H. (2017), Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 28, 101-108.
Predictive modeling of feature dimension for tip-based nano machining process
Kong, X. C., Cohen, P. H., & Dong, J. Y. (2016), Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 24, 338-345.
Machining force modeling of vibration-assisted nano-machining process
Kong, X. C., Zhang, L., Dong, J. Y., & Cohen, P. H. (2015), (Proceedings of the ASME 10th International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference, 2015, vol 2, ).

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