Michael Kay

Director of IMSEI

  • Phone: 919.515.2008
  • Office: 4179 Fitts-Woolard Hall

Michael G. Kay has been a professor of Industrial Engineering at North Carolina State University since 1992. He is the incoming Director of the Integrated Manufacturing Systems Institute and Interim Director of the Operations Research Graduate Program. He is the current Past-President of the College-Industry Council on Material Handling Education.

ISE 453: Design of Production, Logistics, and Service Systems
OR/ISE 501: Introduction to Operations Research
ISE 754: Logistics Engineering

Home Delivery Logistics Networks using Driverless Delivery Vehicles
Public Logistics Networks
Multimedia Sensor Fusion for Intelligent Camera Control

Matlog: Logistics Engineering Matlab Toolbox
Lgpy: Logistics Engineering Python Package
Julog: Logistics Engineering Julia Toolbox
GAOT: Genetic Algorithm Optimization Toolbox (zip)

Basic Concepts in Matlab (pdf)
Lecture Notes for Production System Design (pdf)
Material Handling Equipment (pdf)
Material Handling Equipment Taxonomy
Warehousing (pdf)

Research Interests

Michael G. Kay’s main research focus is on the design of public logistics networks. Areas of research interest include logistics network design. metaheuristics, freight transportation, material handling, warehousing, facilities design, and genetic algorithms.


Ph.D.Industrial EngineeringNC State University1992
MSIndustrial EngineeringUniversity of Florida1984
BAEconomicsUniversity of Florida1981

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A new method for generating initial solutions of capacitated vehicle routing problems
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Michael G. Kay