Michael Kay

Associate Professor

Interim Director of Operations Research Program


Ph.D. 1992

Industrial Engineering

NC State University

MS 1984

Industrial Engineering

University of Florida

BA 1981


University of Florida

Research Description

Main research focus is on the design of public logistics networks. Areas of research interest include logistics network design. metaheuristics, freight transportation, material handling, warehousing, facilities design, and genetic algorithms.


Hybrid manufacturing - integrating traditional manufacturers with additive manufacturing (AM) supply chain
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A new method for generating initial solutions of capacitated vehicle routing problems
Karagul, K., Kay, M. G., & Tokat, S. (2018), Gazi University Journal of Science, 31(2), 489–513.
Allocation heuristics for high-altitude long- endurance UAV image intelligence platforms
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On the economic lot scheduling problem: Stock-out prevention and system feasibility
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Combined DES/SD model of breast cancer screening for older women, II: screening-and-treatment simulation
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Using a mathematical programming model to examine the marginal price of capacitated resources
Kefeli, A., Uzsoy, R., Fathi, Y., & Kay, M. (2011), (Vol. 131, pp. 383–391).
Estimating LTL rates using publicly available empirical data
Kay, M. G., & Warsing, D. P. (2009), International Journal of Logistics, 12(3), 165–193. https://doi.org/10.1080/13675560802392415
Supply chain multi-objective simulation optimization
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Evaluation of cylindricity using combinatorics
Hodgson, T. J., Kay, M. G., Mittal, R. O., & Tang, S. Y. (1999), IIE Transactions, 31(1), 39–47.
Evaluation of AGV routeing strategies using hierarchical simulation
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